Most dogs are given to shelters due to simple behavior problems that can be easily resolved.

My main goal is to help keep dogs out of pounds and in homes where they belong

I help build proper human-canine relationships, going beyond the simple mechanics of dog training." 

"Your dog can be transformed into a well-adjusted and balanced member of your family, regardless of age, breed or size.

About 70% of the dogs I deal with are aggressive and were on death row at the animal shelter.

I help to rehabilitate these dogs to give them a second chance at life.

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Behavior modification

Problems with diagnosing a dog as “aggressive” arise from human misunderstanding of canine social systems, canine signaling, and canine anxieties about contextually appropriate responses to unfamiliar situations.

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Break bad habits

MOST IMPORTANT— Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. About 50% of his interaction with you should be some form of working off excess energy.

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Be the pack leader your dog wants you to be.

Dogs show love by showing respect, and you can do things to gain your dogs respect, and thereby his trust.

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Dog Proofing your child/dog

You will want to immediately dog-proof your child to prevent a bite, or worse. Use common sense. Show your child by example. Anticipate problems.

Happy Campers

Here's just a few rave reviews.

"We were at our wit's end with our people-aggressive rescue dog, Watson. That is, until Delores came, and in a few hours we were on our way to becoming pack leaders. A different trainer had told us that Watson was "untrainable" and recommended that we put him down, but Delores showed us that all he needed was a little discipline, and that all we needed was a little confidence! He has improved remarkably in the two months since Delores came, and so have our lives. Thanks, Delores!"

Lauren and Dan

“You are a goddess. You did in 2 hours what four other professionals told me could not be done, and that my dog was a hopeless case. Thank you!” -

Bernard, Las Vegas

I will never be able to thank Delores enough for the help she gave me with my “girls”. Before Delores, I hired a trainer and after several sessions, I did not see any improvement; their fighting with one another actually intensified. Then, I contacted Delores. In just one session, she showed me how to become “pack leader” in a calm, assertive way. I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with Delores; she is a true leader in her profession.

Cheryl K. Corona, CA